Where to buy supplies?

One question that people often ask us is where do we get our hay, pellets and other supplies here in the Philippines. We used to buy hay and other things for our rabbits from other countries and have them shipped here. Sometimes, when we got to travel abroad, we usually brought one extra luggage just so we can bring home pasalubongs for our bunnies!

Well, after experiencing how hard it was to buy quality hay and other stuff here in the Philippines, we finally decided to bring the hay and other essentials here! We knew we had to do something for all the rabbit parents like us struggling to find only the best for their little ones!

Rabbito Website Sharing Photo 2021

You can now get quality Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay and a lot more at Rabbito Mart! It’s a one stop bunny shop that we started ourselves 3 years ago, because we wanted Filipino rabbit owners to have access to the proper products that each rabbit needs to live a healthy and happy life.


Besides our physical store, you can also visit our online shop at https://rabbitomart.com/ to see our products! We also have a Shopee and Lazada store 🙂

Thank you guys! We sincerely hope that we can finally make you and your rabbit’s lives a bit easier and a whole lot happier with Rabbito 🙂


As we’re not able to check replies and comments as frequently as we’d like to, feel free to get in touch with our Instagram account @bunniespiggiesqc or send an email to rabbitomart@gmail.com

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