Rabbit Veterinarians

Finding a rabbit-savvy veterinarian in the Philippines could be a bit difficult since they aren’t very common. So we’ve made a list of the vets and clinics that we’ve grown to trust with our furbabies.


VIP caters to dogs, cats, small animals and other exotic animals. Their services range from diagnostic services to surgery. Their main branch was in Mandaluyong where we got our rabbits spayed and neutered. But they have a new branch in Fort where major procedures and surgeries are done.


Their rabbit expert, Doctor Nielsen Donato, was the one who operated on all our rabbits. If you’re thinking about getting your rabbit spayed or neutered, we highly recommend him. If you think your rabbit needs medical attention, it’s best to consult him too. But remember, it’s best to call beforehand to check if he’s in.

For more information regarding VIP, you can visit their website: http://www.vetsinpracticeph.com/



VIP also has a clinic in Tiendesitas in Pasig City, named Animal Care Specialists, where we also frequent for minor check ups. Their Chief Veterinarian, Doctor Siday Penaranda, is also knowledgeable when it comes to rabbits and has been one of our trusted vets over the years.

For more information regarding VIP, you can visit their website: http://www.vetsinpracticeph.com/



Located in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, MEVC is also one of the vets known to care for exotic animals. We’ve met their Head Veterinarian, Doctor Lester Lopez, who is our go-to doctor for our guinea pigs.

For more information regarding MEVC, you can check their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mevetcareclinic/



Also a known doctor for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other exotic animals, Doctor Ferds Recio has also checked up on our furbabies. His clinics are located in UP Town Center, Timog Avenue, and in EDSA Congressional.

For more information regarding Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center, you can visit their website: https://docferdz.com/



Doctor Elaine Torio is our go-to vet for online consultations. She’s been helpful with our three guinea pigs during the pandemic, and she also has knowledge on rabbit health. You may consult with her on her Instagram Account @themillenialvetph


If you have trusted rabbit vets that you’d like us to know about, please send us a message so we can add them to our list 🙂



As we’re not able to check replies and comments as frequently as we’d like to, feel free to get in touch with our Instagram account @bunniespiggiesqc or send an email to rabbitomart@gmail.com

30 thoughts on “Rabbit Veterinarians

  1. Hi, my sister’s rabbit has a wound on her hindleg and we think she was bitten by a rat(?) How much do you think it’d cost to have her checked and/or vaccinated?


  2. Hi, my bunny is losing weight. But she eats very well.. Which place would you recomend and how much is the check up? Thanks


    1. Hi! Any would be good, just be sure to check in advance if a vet who deals with rabbits would be available when you go. Check ups, if we remember it correctly, was around P400 or P500. Hope your bunny is okay!


    1. Hi! Sorry but it’s been quite a while since we had problems with mites. Best to check with the vet since it would depend if they would do some skin tests and what kind of solution they would give.


  3. Hello! I’d like to consult you on your spaying experience (from an owner standpoint). I’m really worried about getting my bunny fixed. Is there a number I can call?


  4. Hi..My 2 year old bun was diagnosed to have maloclussion in her teeth. I’m force feeding her right now and she won’t eat grass. You have any idea how much would it cost? Do V.I.P. has some kind of a charity rate or do they allow installments? I assume the dental surgery would be pricey. Thankyou!


  5. Hello. Are you open to adopting new bunnies? Me and a couple of very concerned rabbit owners are always on the lookout for responsible parents. And it looks like you’re among the most experienced in the country. Sadly a lot of rabbits are being given away. Please send an e-mail anytime or leave a message via https://www.facebook.com/SaveRabbitsPH/. Would love to hear from you. I bet the stories you could tell are amazing.


    1. Hi! Thank you for dropping by our site 🙂 We saw your FB Page and we’d love to hear more about your advocacy. We’ll be sending you an email soon, or you could also email us anytime at binkyburrow@gmail.com 🙂 Great to know another rabbit lovers here in the Philippines! 🙂


  6. Hi! I really enjoyed checking your blog. Your rabbits are adorable!
    I hope you can help me with a problem I have. My bunny is very affectionate but it’s getting harder and harder to pet him bec his nails are long. I want to get them trimmed but I’m scared to do it myself. Does the vet you recommend have nail trimming service?


    1. Hi! Yes it’s quite a task to trim their nails. We did had our buns’nails trimmed before during their check ups, but that was a very looong time ago. Better to call and ask 🙂 thank you!


  7. Hi, just want to ask, where do you buy haystacks? It’s my first time taking care of a bunny, it is also her fort time to eat haystacks so i have no idea for the brands also. Thanks in advance for your reply.


  8. Hello can I ask , do rabbits have rabies ? my brother bought a baby rabbits one of the rabbits scratch my hand accidentally … Am I going to die ?


  9. I’m getting paranoid. I’m quite sure that my rabbit, Snowy, has fractured his leg. My beloved niece dropped him this afternoon. Any ideas on how much will it cost? Thank you!


    1. Hi! So sorry about what happened to your rabbit. Hope he’s okay! We haven’t experienced this yet so we don’t have any idea. Better call the hospital directly to ask. Thanks!


  10. hi! I notice that my rabbit is itching and having a hair loss and i want her to be treated. what will you recommend and how much is the check up?


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