E. Cuniculi

Sudden head tilt, paralysis, uncontrollable spinning and rolling – these are the most common signs of a parasitic infection called E. Cuniculi (EC). It is said that a high percentage of rabbits have actually been exposed to the parasite, but only a few show signs of illness. The parasite can lie dormant for months and even years, and when the rabbit’s immune system weakens, it … Continue reading E. Cuniculi

G.I. Stasis

GASTROINTESTINAL STASIS: Gastrointestinal Stasis (G.I. Stasis) is a common but very serious and life threatening condition wherein the rabbit’s digestive system slows down or stops. Rabbits experiencing G.I. Stasis look more or less normal, therefore making it hard to notice right away. The first sign of stasis that is the most commonly noticed is when your rabbit suddenly refuses to eat (even his favorite treat!) … Continue reading G.I. Stasis

Health & Illnesses

Rabbits are sensitive creatures and they can contract several different health issues. Here are common illnesses that we’ve also experienced first-hand. If you do encounter similar issues with your rabbit, please consult a rabbit-savvy veterinarian first before taking any action. WOUNDS: If your rabbit is wounded, the first thing to do is to check if it’s deep or not. For minor wounds, you may clean the … Continue reading Health & Illnesses

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and Neutering – you might have heard of these before, but they’re more commonly done for dogs and cats. This is the procedure in which the reproductive organs are surgically removed to prevent aggressive behavior and certain diseases. In the Philippines, most rabbit owners and even pet shops don’t know the importance of spaying or neutering a rabbit. When we had Bonbon, we were … Continue reading Spaying and Neutering

Food and Diet

Contrary to what people in the Philippines know, pellets are NOT supposed to be a rabbit’s staple food. Instead, rabbits should be fed with unlimited hay. Hay provides them with all the nutrients and fiber that they need. When pellets are a rabbit’s staple, chances are they become more prone to certain illnesses. A rabbit’s diet should be at least 80% hay, 10% vegetables, 5% pellets, … Continue reading Food and Diet

The Fruit and Veggie List

Rabbits love eating fresh vegetables. It’s important to give them their daily serving of vegetables everyday. We’ve compiled a list of vegetables for your rabbit that can be bought at your local supermarkets and groceries nearest to you. STAPLE VEGGIES The following vegetables can be given to your rabbit as a staple, meaning they can eat these as much of these as they want. Not … Continue reading The Fruit and Veggie List