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BUNNY PH is a free resource site that aims to spread proper rabbit care and awareness for rabbit owners in the Philippines. This site aims to help Filipino rabbit owners and soon-to-be owners understand the basics of rabbit care, which includes proper food and diet, medical and emergency care, exotic veterinary contacts, and sources for buying hay and supplies. Bunny PH is a website made by two Filipino bunny lovers for fellow bunny lovers.


BUNNY PH was created back in 2014 by us, Carlos and China, a bunny-loving couple living in the Philippines. We started BUNNY PH with the simple goal of sharing our knowledge and experiences with our fellow Filipino rabbit owners who share the same love that we have for our furbabies.

Our love for rabbits started in 2007 when we first brought home our first bunny, Bonbon. In a nutshell, Bonbon was our little ball of love and sunshine.


For a little over 6 years, we tried to give Bonbon all the love and care she needed. During that 6 years, we realized how hard it was to care for a rabbit in the Philippines. No proper knowledge, no access to quality healthcare and even to quality food. For 6 years, we had hay and other essentials shipped from the other side of the world. When we were able to travel to other countries, half of our luggage was filled with rabbit items not found in the Philippines. We wanted the best for Bonbon. If Bonbon was happy, we were happy too.

Unfortunately, one thing that was out of reach during the early years of Bonbon’s life was quality healthcare. We both knew about the importance of spaying, but it was hard to find a rabbit savvy vet who knew how to spay or neuter a rabbit. It was only in 2013 when we met a vet who knew about this. Unfortunately, when we met him, Bonbon already had cancer. Even after everything, Bonbon passed away on September 29, 2013.

During Bonbon’s life, we learned a lot from her. She was a sweet yet tough rabbit who loved life. And one thing that we knew was that Bonbon wanted us to continue to spread the bunny love to everyone.

Today, we now have 2 adorable rabbits, Acorn and Barley. Barley is naughty but sweet REW (red eyed white) Polish Dwarf, and Acorn is a timid and super sweet Harlequin Lop Lionhead.


With Bunny PH, we hope to share what we have learned through the years that we have lovingly cared for rabbits. We hope to connect with Filipinos who share the same love we have for rabbits, and ultimately contribute to raising awareness about proper care in the country even in the littlest ways.

Rabbits are something else, aren’t they? They definitely deserve better 🙂

Welcome to Bunny PH! :3

If you’re looking for quality hay, food and other products for your lovely rabbits, please do check out our very own Online Shop here 🙂


As we’re not able to check replies and comments as frequently as we’d like to, feel free to get in touch with our Instagram account @bunniespiggiesqc or send an email to rabbitomart@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello China and Carlos!

    I just started loving bunnies! They are so adorable. I haven’t started taking care of one but I am currently studying them. I hope to learn a lot from you guys. Kudos to you two and to your bunnies!

    ~ JC


    1. Hi JC! Yes, bunnies are adorable and loving little creatures. But since they’re very different from dogs and cats, utmost care and research is needed. There are a lot of websites about rabbit care that are pretty useful like rabbit.org where we did our initial research as well 🙂 If you need help, just send us an email and we’d be happy to share what we know 🙂 Thank you! – China and Carlos


  2. Thank you very much! I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos too! I’ll start in building their home by next year. I hope to have a rabbit before my birthday on February. Do you know where I could get one here in Metro Manila? or even in nearby provinces? Thanks!
    ~ JC


    1. We actually got our first bunny from Bio Research although we wouldn’t recommend it now since she was very sickly so we had to make a lot of trips to the vet. (Although she was very sweet and loving.) Our two bunnies now are both adopted – one from a friend who bred mini lops before, and another from OLX (it was still Sulit back then). You can try OLX but be sure to pick the breeders. We don’t recommend buying from the “rabbit farms” since we don’t support how they raise bunnies in very poor conditions. We got our youngest bunny from a rabbit owner who cared for her rabbits at home 🙂


  3. Hi! Rabbit owner of one month here, and you have no idea how glad I am you have stumbled across your blog. I started from zero knowledge when a stray rabbit (!) found its way into my garage. Despite due diligence, no one stepped up to claim the sweetie, and so Flopsy became part of a family that already had several cats. My house is the street’s de facto cat sanctuary, long story. The cats adored him, and never hurt him, even though he had the run of the house, like them.

    So after a bit, I bring Flopsy along to the vet when my latest foundlings needed their spay/neuter procedures. Vets in Practice, as it happens. Doc Marga gave me the sad news that Flopsy had to be put to sleep due to complications of old age, and I agreed that it would be for the best. Better to let go than prolong a life with poor quality of life…

    Started missing having a rabbit around. Eventually, I tweaked the setup at home to better accommodate a rabbit, and got one from Cartimar. The shop was clean, the ratio of bunnies to cage space seemed fair.

    Ashley Wilkes Rabbit is just your basic ordinary rabbit, but jiggy with it, as the song goes. He should be due for neutering in a month. I found a store in Cartimar that sells hay, which is a relief, and rabbit pellets, so he’s spoilt for food.

    So that’s the story so far. Kitties know that their claws are to be sheathed when batting Ashley’s button, but for the most part they ignore him. All is well. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of rabbits, it’s such a great help!


  4. Hello fellow rabbit lovers! Would love to actually meet you guys one day and talk rabbit. I think you’re the most veteran owners I’ve seen in our country. Great site!


  5. Hi i just want to ask where did you get your bunnies? or do you know someplace where can i adopt one? i rescued two adorable bunnies from cartimar (bugs and lola) but sadly they passed away today we took them to the vet and they were diagnosed with mucoid enterititis. i am a first time mom so i did not realised it earlier eventhough i did my research. bugs and lola was just more or less 4-5 weeks of age when i got them and it was very foolish of me to think that i could save them from the environment their living in at the pet store. but the vet told us that there was nothing we could do to save them because it was too late even if they underwent surgery and medication they’ll hardly be able to survive because their immune system is not that fully developed they were too young when they where separated from their mom. even if i provided them everything they needed and feed them milk. i need to find a cecotroph donor for them which was very hard to find. and known that when it was too late. soon enough were planning to adopt a more grown bunny to avoid any circumstances that happened before i hope you notice this and reply thank you so much


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