G.I. Stasis

GASTROINTESTINAL STASIS: Gastrointestinal Stasis (G.I. Stasis) is a common but very serious and life threatening condition wherein the rabbit’s digestive system slows down or stops. Rabbits experiencing G.I. Stasis look more or less normal, therefore making it hard to notice right away. The first sign of stasis that is the most commonly noticed is when your rabbit suddenly refuses to eat (even his favorite treat!) … Continue reading G.I. Stasis

Rabbit Veterinarians

Finding a rabbit-savvy veterinarian in the Philippines could be a bit difficult since they aren’t very common. So we’ve made a list of the vets and clinics that we’ve grown to trust with our furbabies. VETS IN PRACTICE ANIMAL HOSPITAL (VIP) VIP caters to dogs, cats, small animals and other exotic animals. Their services range from diagnostic services to surgery. Their main branch was in … Continue reading Rabbit Veterinarians