Creating Bunny PH


Hi, everyone! We are China and Carlos — we created this blog with the simple wish to help rabbit owners (and soon-to-be rabbit owners) in the Philippines find useful information about rabbit care. We are proud owners of amazing, lovable rabbits for more than 10 years.

Since most people in the Philippines get dogs or cats for pets, we found it quite difficult to look for quality products and healthcare for rabbits. Hopefully with this site we will be able to share our knowledge and our experience in caring for them.

Please watch out for more posts soon! U。・.・。U


PS: Please note that we are not and do not claim to be rabbit experts. Rather, we’re just passionate rabbit parents who wish to share the lessons that we’ve learned from our experiences as rabbit owners for 10+ years 🙂


As we’re not able to check replies and comments as frequently as we’d like to, feel free to get in touch with our Instagram account @bunniespiggiesqc or send an email to :3

One thought on “Creating Bunny PH

  1. Hi China and Carlos. Just wanted to say that this blog of yours is very interesting,informative and beautiful. I encountered it earlier this year when I was pondering on taking a rabbit home for my family. I just have to say, this blog of yours inspired/encouraged/supported (and continues to do so) me ❤
    Your blog entries are simple, but they provide important information about rabbits and give helpful advice on how to understand and care for these adorable creatures. If I may say so, this blog is really a proof of your love and passion about your bunnies particularly BonBon (you may reckon that I may have read every page of your beautiful blog).
    I did take in to my home… not one but two kits back in May this year. In fact, I sent you an email (not sure if you'll remember) from me for advice. Thank you very much, because you did respond to my email ❤ So far, I am so blessed to have them! Thanks again for the inspiration (with all the cute photos of your bunnies hahah).

    Maybe, our bunnies will have a chance to meet in the future (I hope so). 😉


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