Meet our Bunnies!

Bonbon (February 24, 2007 – September 29, 2013)


Bonbon was the bunny that that started it all. She was a mischievous but very sweet rabbit that we bought from a pet shop back in 2007. She had the cutest color pattern and the prettiest eyes. At first, Bonbon was very shy yet very curious. With a lot of time and effort, she became more trusting and comfortable with us. We got to see her change into an independent bunny who loved exploring. During her play time, she would jump on chairs, climb up stairs and even gnaw on furniture.


Bonbon loved snuggles. She would come up to us to ask to be carried and be cuddled and petted. She was like a cuddly stuffed toy. She was actually the only bunny that really enjoyed being carried, even asking to be lifted up and hugged. 

One of the sweetest things that Bonbon loved to do was to come up to us and flop beside us whenever we sat on the floor. She would then close her eyes and enjoy every moment of it. We really miss that about her.


Bonbon became our inspiration for so many things. She was more than a pet, she was our little ball of sunshine who helped us get through tough times and changed us to be better people.


Bonbon knew she was loved. And because of this, she was happy and she had a strong will to live. Even several years after her passing, we still miss her. She was really something else.


Bonbon lived a happy 6 years. She died of cancer on September 29, 2013. Bunny PH was our gift to her a year after she went to bunny heaven.

Bonchon (April 30, 2012 – November 9, 2013)


We never knew how much rabbits could get so territorial until we got Bonchon. When we first brought her home along with her sister Burrito, she was this sweet bunny with the roundest face. She had this gentle and innocent personality, which was just adorable. But all this drastically changed when she reached 4 months.

Bonchon became very territorial upon reaching 4 months old. She peed just about everywhere. She would often lunge and bark at us. And if we weren’t careful, she would scratch and even bite our fingers.

Despite this change, Bonchon was of course, still lovable. During the times when her hormones weren’t raging, she happily hopped in our living room with her lopped ears bouncing up and down. She binkied for minutes as she ran across the room. She loved climbing up and down our furniture and crawling into small spaces. She loved exploring.

We really wanted Bonchon and Burrito to live happily together. They were the cutest sisters since they looked so much alike. They played together, cuddled with each other and showered each other with licks. They were the best of friends up until the hormones kicked in.

Aside from the sudden aggression, we wanted to get Bonchon and Burrito spayed to avoid what happened to Bonbon. So before Bonchon reached 1 year old, we decided to have her spayed. The procedure was successful. Unfortunately, her recovery period was not. Four days after her surgery, Bonchon was able to remove her e-collar and chew on her stitches while we were out. That night, we rushed her to the vet but it was too late.

Even if Bonchon was with us for just a short time, she’s definitely a bunny that we will never forget. We learned a lot from having her in our lives and we are thankful. We hope that wherever she is now, she’s happily enjoying the vast fields where she can enjoy all the unlimited hay and all the bananas that she could possibly want.

Burrito (April 30, 2012 – September 9, 2020)

Burrito, or Bitow as we called her, was definitely a couch potato – she loved to cuddle up beside us on our couch as she dozes off to sleep. Burrito was always a very friendly bunny. She never got aggressive even before she got spayed. She’s very playful and constantly loves attention.

One of the first thing that people noticed when they saw Burrito were her adorable helicopter ears — one up, and one down except for the rare moments when both ears were down. She loved noisy toys — throwing them around creating as much noise that she could. She loved to eat, a definite foodie as she ate almost anything!

One thing that Burrito (and also Bonchon) absolutely hated was being carried. Yes, she allowed us to carry her onto the couch, but if we took too long, she will definitely kick and scratch like there’s no tomorrow! Even her vet knew how much she hated it. Every time she went to the vet, Dr. Nielsen got a good beating and she even peed on him once while being handled (so sorry, doc!).

One thing that’s so unique with Burrito was that she loved to shower us with kisses. But don’t be fooled, Burrito was quite a demanding bunny at times. When not given the attention and affection she wanted, she poked us and nibbled our clothes or even our skin until we gave her our full attention.

Burrito got spayed before she reached 2 years old. Her procedure and recovery went well — we kept a watchful eye on her 24/7 and didn’t get proper sleep for more than a week! Months after, we introduced her to Biiru, a yellow-orange lop lionhead, which she instantly became friends with. They were inseparable for almost 2 years until Biiru’s sudden passing.

It took us 2 years to finally decide to get another companion for Burrito. Barley, a red eyed white Polish bunny, was Burrito’s second companion. Their relationship was quite different from Biiru’s – this was less sweet and dependent. But we could definitely see that Burrito and Barley were happy together. Yes, there were less kisses, but they always loved hopping around side-by-side and snuggling with each other.

Burrito was with us for 8 years — she was there during our lives’ most meaningful events. She was there when we got married, when we moved into our own house, when our little hoomin was born, when one of our businesses closed and another one opened, and the list could go on forever. So when we lost her on September 9, 2020, she took a big part of our hearts with her.

We started Rabbito Mart because of her — and she will always be a big part of it, always pushing us forward and reminding us of why we started both BUNNY PH and Rabbito

Biiru (June 17, 2014 – August 2, 2016)

Biiru was a tiny fuzzball who could never hurt a fly. He was Burrito’s best friend, and our little rockstar. Anyone who met him will instantly fall in love because of his sweet and carefree personality.

Biiru was a bunny who needed special care. His front legs were splayed — something that we did not notice when we first got him. Because of this, he had a hard time walking and running around on slippery flooring, so we bought carpets for him so he can have an easier time roaming our living room.

A bunny that definitely loved attention and had no fear in the world, Biiru was always carefree and free spirited — we enjoyed watching him happily run around our living room climbing on our couch and binkying freely on his carpets. We loved the moments that he approached us asking for us to play with him. We loved the moments he would flop in tight spaces and just lazily snooze. We loved it when he joined us on the couch to ask for treats even if there was really none.

Burrito and Biiru were inseparable. Weeks after Biiru’s neuter, we introduced them to each other and it was so easy for them to get along. From then on, they did everything together — eating, flopping and even going to the toilet together.

Sadly, Biiru passed away without any warning. When we woke up in the morning of August 2, 2016, he was gone. It took us weeks to move on — sadly even Burrito was affected. She lost a bit of weight and it took some time for her to be back to her happy self. She definitely needed a lot of extra love and attention, which we of course gave her.

Barley (Born on March 25, 2018)

Barley is a Polish and Dutch mix with beautiful ruby eyes. For a long time, we wanted a white, ruby-eyed rabbit. So after deciding that it was time to get Burrito another companion after Biiru, we began looking for the rabbit that would be perfect for our little family. We instantly fell in love with Barley when we saw his tiny ears and ruby eyes. The first time we met him, he was shy but curious. He was like a tiny white cloud – but a very furry one!

For the first few months, he was slowly adjusting to his new home. He was a very energetic and curious bunny – jumping on furniture and hiding under them. Of course, as he was young and wasn’t neutered yet, he was very messy!

Barley is a very independent rabbit. He loves to hang out alone in the corner near our door, which we respect. He usually flops there and just relaxes, sometimes licking his front paws. It took some time for him to allow us to pet his head, but we were happy that he eventually gained our trust.

Feisty is a word that best describes Barley. He knows what he wants and doesn’t want and he will definitely let you know about it. He will really bark at you and nip at you when he’s not in the mood. But despite this, he’s definitely one of the happiest bunnies that we have ever seen.

He’s a natural flopper! 98% of the time, he will flop whether it be inside his pen, under the stairs, beside the door, or wherever he feels like it. He will binky all around our living room while running through his tunnels.

After Barley got neutered, we bonded him with Burrito. It was not as easy like with Biiru, but it wasn’t too hard. In 3 days, they became the best of buddies. They snuggled together, gave each other kisses, and happily roamed around together.

Unfortunately, Burrito passed away when Barley was 2 years old. Barley proved to be a strong bunny, and he was back to being his happy self after a couple of days.

We really want Barley to have another companion, but unfortunately, it seems that Barley and our other rabbit, Acorn, are truly incompatible. Unlike with our previous experiences, Barley and Acorn really don’t get along. So now, they share our living room — but with an enclosure wall in between them.

We’re happy nonetheless, that Barley has become very comfortable with us through the years — even if that means he would bravely nip us whenever he’s displeased with something. He’s truly such a character and we really adore his spunky attitude!

Acorn (Born on July 26, 2015)

Acorn is a harlequin, lionhead lop that we adopted back in 2018. We weren’t expecting to welcome a new member of the family at that time, but we also couldn’t refuse giving him a home when we were approached back then. He was already 3 years old when we welcomed him to our family.

Since Acorn was already a full-grown adult rabbit when we got him, it took him quite a long time before he fully trusted us. We didn’t want to push him though as he’d already been in two different homes before we got him — we understood that he needed more time than usual to adjust. He was very shy, wasn’t trusting, and preferred to be alone. We sat with him, talked to him in gentler tones, gave him space to explore so he can learn to trust us. And he eventually did. It took almost one year for him to fully trust us, and it was worth it.

Acorn became really sweet and affectionate. When we’re sitting on the couch, he would jump to our side and lay there beside us just waiting for pets, and he would give kisses immediately after. He’s still very gentle and timid, yet he loves affection.

Despite being very sweet to humans, Acorn dislikes other rabbits even if he’s neutered. This could be because he wasn’t used to living with a companion. So when we tried bonding him with Barley, things got a bit stressful. Despite trying to bond them twice, Acorn and Barley seemed to hate each other. Bonding sessions did not progress, so we accepted that maybe they’re one of those pairs that were simply incompatible.

Despite this, Acorn and Barley are contented and happy with how they are now — even if they have to share our living room, and with an enclosure separating them. We just make it our priority to equally give them lots of our time and lots of our love and care everyday.

WELCOME TO BUNNY PH! :3 It’s nice to meet you!


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